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6/10/17 - CIRCUIT GRANDIOUS REUNION on the magnificent stage of Theater Kikker in Utrecht at Le Guess Who festivaaaaaaaal! Oh Aaahw:)) (in collaboration with Gaudeamus Muziekweek Foundation)

12/12/13 - Review of our new album 'Codes' written by Mr. Sean McCauley himself!!

--------------------------------------- 17th of NOVEMBER 2013!!! ------------------------------------------

-------------------------- CIRCUIT Debut Album 'CODES' Global Release -------------------------------



15/06/13 - Due to the nature of any super productions (where everything is bigger, more and super more), the second Circuit album is going to be ready in the springtime 2014. It's just going to take while to mix 19 instruments (one of the pieces..) - that's why please be patient, cause it's going to be worthwhile waiting for such a freak of the nature/marvel (circle the appropriate)!!! Satisfaction guaranteed, obvi

03/06/13 - Whole week of intense rehearsals and Circuit's new album recording at various locations (as usually, not to make it too boring;) in London, including an extra string quartet, two trombones and a guest vocalists - ha!:)

20/01/13 - Listen to Circuit tonight at 9pm and for the next two weeks between 3pm and 5pm in "Optical Zoo" - on the waves of internet Optical Radio London!!!!:)

28/12/12 - Finally the Video from Circuit October TOUR AROUND EUROPE is READY TO WATCH (on the right hand side of the page), yeaaaayy!!!!:) Enjoy!

08/12/12 - "The concert was excellent. It testifies to the fact that young people are, unselfconsciously, making sounds and harmonies that are beyond the comprehension of those who just sit in front of their TV." - A. Hronowski. Thank you very much (say the young people;)!

30/11/12 - "You must be mad. Live review: Circuit" - have a pleasent reading!!!:)))

28/10/12 - To see more photos and videos from Circuit EUROPEAN TOUR in October - CLICK HERE . Thanks a lot to all the people who came to any Circuit gigs on the continent in the past two weeks - IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!:)

27/10/12 - To see the photos from the gig in Gorzow Wlkp. - CLICK HERE

26/10/12 - Photos from Circuit gig in Torun, 17/10/12 by Alicja Krzyzelewska - CLICK HERE

25/10/12 - To read a review (PL) from Circuit gig in SPATiF - CLICK HERE.

25/10/12 - Interview and fragment of our gig in SPATiF, Sopot, Poland!!!

06/10/12 - Circuit first European tour is coming up VERY SOOON (we will be promoting our debut album "Codes" for which we received the Emerging Exellence Award from Musicians Benvolent Fund and which was recorded with Stuart Hall, who he has played and recorded with Django Bates, Loose Tubes and Hermeto Pascoal, among others). Here are the updated details:

15/10/12 - Brussels / La Gallerie / 8.30pm

16/10/12 - Berlin (tbc) 

17/10/12 - Torun, PL / Od Nowa / 8.00pm

18/10/12 - Warszawa, PL / Sen Pszczoly / 8.00pm

19/10/12 - Gorzow Wlkp., PL / Miejskie Centrum Kultury / 8.00pm

21/10/12 - Bialystok, PL / Fama / 7.00pm

23/10/12 - Poznan, PL / Meskalina / 8.00pm

24/10/12 - Sopot, PL / SPATIF / 9.00pm

25/10/12 - Lodz, PL / Scenografia / 8.00pm

26/10/12 - Krakow, PL / Magazyn Kultury / 8.00pm

27/10/12 - Zielona Gora, PL / Piekarnia Cichej Kobiety / godz. 20.00

Jezeli jeszcze nie slyszales/as tej wielonarodowosciowej 9-cio osobowej wybuchowej mieszanki dzwiekow i stylow na scenie, to koniecznie musisz przyjsc na jeden z pazdziernikowych koncertow w Polsce!!!!!! Gwarantujemy, ze czegos takiego jeszcze nigdy wczesniej nie slyszales/doswiadczyles!!! Jest to jedna z niewielu okazji, kiedy mozna zobaczyc Circuit na zywo poza UK.

14/09/12 - We finally know the dates on our....first European (but mostly Polish;) tour - set for October 2012!!!!!!:)) Starting on the 15th, 11 cities, 14 days during which we will be promoting our brand new and still fresh debut album "Codes" for which we received the Emerging Exellence Award from Musicians Benvolent Fund and which was recorded with a great multi-instrumentalist Stuart Hall (he has played and recorded with Django Bates, Loose Tubes and Hermeto Pascoal, among others). Here are the dates:

15/10/12 - Gent (tbc)

16/10/12 - Berlin (tbc) 

17/10/12 - Torun, PL / Od Nowa / godz.20.00

18/10/12 - Warszawa, PL / Sen Pszczoly / godz. 20.00

19/10/12 - Gorzow Wlkp., PL / Miejskie Centrum Kultury / godz. 20.00

21/10/12 - Bialystok, PL / Fama / godz. 19.00

23/10/12 - Poznan, PL / Meskalina / godz. 20.00

24/10/12 - Sopot, PL / SPATIF / godz. 21.00

25/10/12 - Lodz, PL / Scenografia / godz. 20.00

26/10/12 - Krakow, PL / Magazyn Kultury / godz. 20.00

27/10/12 - Zielona Gora, PL / Piekarnia Cichej Kobiety / godz. 20.00

Come around, that's the only opportunity to hear Circuit abroad!!!! / Jezeli jeszcze nie slyszales/as Circuit na zywo - zapraszamy na koncert, bo to jedna z niewielu okazji, kiedy mozna nas uslyszec za granica (i to glownie w Polsce:)!!!!!


07/07/12 - We've just found out, that Circuit has recieved Emerging Exellence Award from Musicians Benevolent Fund as a contribution towards finishing the recording and post-production of our DEBUT ALBUM as well as our UK TOUR in the spring of 2013!!!!!!!:))) How great is that!!!!:) Massive thanks for your support, MBF!!!!!

13/04/12 - Circuit music video 'Factory' has become the FINALIST OF LONDON INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL 2012!!!!!! Yeeeeeeey!:) It's going to be screened at the Music Video night (feat. the best independent music videos in the UK!:) this Wednesday, April 18th at 6.30pm at Roxy Bar and Screen (London Bridge, London)in London Bridge - COME AROUND!

25/03/12 - Circuit DEBUT ALBUM RELEASE date has just been set for...October this year!!! We are planning to have contemporary dancers, VJ, guest musicians, guest performances of bands playing different styles of music from ours (classical, electronic, jazz) and other very exiting surprises!!:) Our debut album "Codes" features renowned British multi-instrumentalist Stuart Hall, playing violin, guitar and banjo on it.

11/03/12 - Another long awaited great news - Circuit backstage documentary (the full, 16min. version, beginning the same as the 3 min. trailer in the right column of our website) is FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!! Yeeeeeey!!:))) You can watch it in full on HD either in the VIDEOS section or HERE on our youtube channel. Enjoy it, people say it's funny!!;)

01/03/12 - Finally!!! Circuit third and the longest music video to the song 'Factory' (featuring two contemporary dancers improvising to our music and animations by mighty master Geoff Searle, who made a video to our 'Thank you from the mountain') is ready and up for watching it in HD quality in the VIDEOS section of our webpage or HERE. Enjoy the next part of the story!!! You won't regret it! Circuit London - You are worth it;)

Thank you Michal, Geoff, Amabel, Maria, Margot, Goshka and Damian for making the whole thing possible to happen!

26/11/11 - The latest music video to our song 'Factory' is coming very soon!!:) Expect 2 contemporary dancers improvising on the spot to a guitar solo, 10 Circuiters dancing waltz with mannequinns in front of Canary Warf, lots of animations and a dummy falling down on its head from Chelsea Bridge in slow motion! Haa!:) Satisfaction guaranteed or high money prizes for those, who will get seriously bored watching the 7min. long video!

24/11/11 - Circuit brand new website is finally coming live!! Enjoy and let us know if something's missing (except from red/grey/bright yellow adverts like: "You won £100,000,000, but it doesn't mean you're going to get it before you pay us the same amount in cash, yeey!!!"). Design: Joseph Steele & Jerzy Bielski. Happy browsing:)




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12/11/2017 - Theater Kikker (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

------------------ 11/2013 ----------------- Debut Album "CODES" Offcial Release

27/10/12 - Piekarnia Cichej Kobiety (Zielona Gora, Poland)

26/10/12 - Magazyn Kultury (Krakow, Poland)

25/10/12 - Scenografia (Lodz, Poland)

24/10/12 - SPATIF (Sopot, Poland)

23/10/12 - Meskalina (Poznan, Poland)

21/10/12 - Fama (Bialystok, Poland)

19/10/12 - Miejskie Centrum Kultury (Gorzow Wlkp., Poland)

18/10/12 - Sen Pszczoly (Warszawa, Poland)

17/10/12 - Od Nowa (Torun, Poland)

15/10/12 - La Gallerie (Brussels, Belgium)

12/07/12 - Mother Live (Hoxton, London)

14/06/12 - Jazz Blues Fusion Club (Tower Bridge, London)

30/05/12 - Camden Rock (Camden, London)

20/04/12 - Monto Water Rats (Kings Cross, London)

18/04/12 - Roxy Bar and Screen (London Bridge, London> - SCREENING OF MUSIC VIDEO 'FACTORY'

16/03/12 - The Bowery (Tottenham Court Road)

13/11/11 - The Victoria (Dalston, London)

23/10/11 - Jazz Cafe POSK (Hammersmith, London)

22/06/11 - The Comedy Pub (Leicester Square, London)

25/05/11 - The Wilmington Arms (Clerkenwell, London)

07/05/11 - The Bowery (Tottenham Court Rd, London)

13/03/11 - The Others (Stoke Newington, London)

17/02/11 - The Good Ship (Kilburn, London)

09/02/11 - Charlie Wright's (Shoreditch, London)

European Live Tour, October 2012:

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