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"The concert was excellent. It testifies to the fact that young people are, unselfconsciously, making sounds and harmonies that are beyond the comprehension of those who just sit in front of their TV."
-Arkadiusz Hronowski, SPATiF, Sopot (, 25 October 2012


"The craziest thing I've ever heard and if the world is a chaos, here you have the order, if it's a labyrinth, Circuit is the Map to get out/in."
-Gabor Podhorszky


London-based 9-piece experimental rock, modern jazz and pop band Circuit, features members from the UK, Ireland, USA, Italy, Belgium, Greece and Poland, playing on such instruments as cello, harp and live electronics among the more usual horns and rhythm section. They've recently recorded their debut album with the guest appearance of a renowned British multi-instrumentalist Stuart Hall playing violin, banjo and guitar - due to be released in April 2012 during their first UK national tour.


"The band sounds like nothing else before them, even if some compare the group to the likes of Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Loose Tubes or classical composer Gyorgy Ligeti – there are moments when these wide-ranging influences are apparent, but it is safe to say that the style of Circuit is eclectic and can only be described as a mixture of many styles with an emphasis on rock and with an experimental approach to form, where tight rhythms and fast tempos contrast with open out-of-time free solos."
-'Goniec Polski (The Polish Times)', issue 372, London, 22 April 2011


"Circuit is an expedition to the pantry of musical sounds, where sporadic jars of melodic jam, sour guitar rasps and frenetic trumpet-piano mixtures can be found next to one another."
-Margot Przymierska (, 9 April 2011 -'Goniec Polski (The Polish Times)', issue 372, London, 22 April 2011


"The band works in a way that suggests they're turned off by labels of any kind. Circuit's music is a patchwork of all possible styles, a blend of music and performance art that combines sound and silence, images, samples and murmurs and frenetic trumpet-piano mixtures can be found next to one another."
-Katarzyna Gajewska (, 26 October 2012


'We are all graduates from different music colleges and universities across the UK and Europe, but our music background is different, as some of us studied jazz, whereas the others did classical music or sonic arts courses, along with playing for years with other bands - everything from pop, rock, jazz and classical music to free improv and live music for theatre and dance performances - in the UK, Europe and America, some of us in places such as the Royal Albert Hall, Barbican, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Ronnie Scott's or Hollywood Bowl.'




Matt Ellis - after years of studying classical music and participating in such ensembles as the National Children's Wind Orchestra, he realised that playing classical and listening to metal didn't quite work. Matt found ska via punk and started performing in lots of bands around Brighton and London. At the age of 18 he chose to further his musical education by joining the jazz course at Middlesex University where, among others, he was taught trumpet by Chris Bachelor. He did an American tour with Brighton-based Californian/surf/pop band Two Spot Gobi, supporting Jason Mraz at the Hollywood Bowl, among other venues where they played together in 2009.


Zach McCullough – originally from Colorado, USA, his first paid musical work was at the age of 15 playing in a country band at barn dances and backwoods shindigs somewhere near the Kansas border. Unable to manage his habits there, Zach enjoyed brief stints in the Denver music scene with the Nancy Drews and the Omriel Cook Group as well as in the north of Germany with, among others, the Bigband Reloaded and Berndt Reincke Jazz Ensemble. Active in the London contemporary music scene, he has played with improvisation luminary Peter Wiegold  and is currently a member of the experimental collective Bash-o along with Joel Bell, Andrew Melvin and Oliver Leaman. He also plays with the left-field antipodean punk jazz outfit Psychoyogi.  Zach, among other hobbies far too dangerous and/or suspect to mention here, is an avid snooker spectator. 


Jerzy Bielski – also a Middlesex University BA Jazz graduate. After coming to London from Bialystok in east Poland, he became involved in playing free improvisation on Minimoog synthesiser and live electronics mainly with London based band Lanza!, with which he played a few tours in Poland and Spain in 2007-2009. In the meantime he had been writing music for independent theatre groups, playing live to contemporary dance performances and getting involved in different jazz projects on the way. Author of the music and lyrics for Circuit. Website:

Felix Bousies - is a London-based sound sculptor with a current interest in harvesting sounds from hacked machines and controlling sound spatialization through joysticks and brain sensors. Recent commissions include composing healing music for yoga practitioners, making a multichannel soundscape for a Metropolis-inspired performance in a crypt and writing farmy hip-hop for a wacky fashion designer. Felix joined Circuit in May 2011.


Thodoris Ziarkas -  is a double bassist and composer born in Rhodes, Greece. At the age of ten he started playing the Cretan Lyra, whilst studying classical harmony, and other Greek traditional instruments. After showing interest in jazz he took up the electric and double bass and shortly moved to London to study on the BA Jazz Course at Middlesex University where he was taught jazz performance and composition by Chris Batchelor, Nikki Iles, Stuart Hall, Rob Townsend, and Riaan Vosloo. Thodoris has been collaborating with many different projects and artists over the past years and has been appearing in clubs and festivals all over England, Greece, Spain, Poland, Belgium, and Switzerland. Currently leading his quintet ‘’Valia Calda’’, as well as working regularly with’’ Blam! Quartet’’, ‘’mtts Quintet’’, the experimental rock band ‘’Circuit’’, flamenco-fusion band ‘’Fernando’s Kitchen’’ Rob Milne's Quartet amongst others.


Maria Chiara Argiro -


Seb Silas -


Sarah Joyce -



Ewa Mizerska – cellist. Website:;

Ed Babar – bassist, double bassist. Website:;

David Lalljee - trombonist

Claire Ellis – saxophonist

Cristina Di Bernardo – harpist

Rob Barron – pianist. Website:

Kacper Ziemianin - live electronics. Website:

Esben Tjalve - pianist. Website:

Dan Mays - saxophonist. Website:

 Geoff Threadgold - bassist

Ewan Duffus - pianist

Rob Cope - saxophonist

Sample picture for scroll box: Milford Sound, New Zealand


12/11/2017 - Theater Kikker (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

------------------ 11/2013 ----------------- Debut Album "CODES" Offcial Release

27/10/12 - Piekarnia Cichej Kobiety (Zielona Gora, Poland)

26/10/12 - Magazyn Kultury (Krakow, Poland)

25/10/12 - Scenografia (Lodz, Poland)

24/10/12 - SPATIF (Sopot, Poland)

23/10/12 - Meskalina (Poznan, Poland)

21/10/12 - Fama (Bialystok, Poland)

19/10/12 - Miejskie Centrum Kultury (Gorzow Wlkp., Poland)

18/10/12 - Sen Pszczoly (Warszawa, Poland)

17/10/12 - Od Nowa (Torun, Poland)

15/10/12 - La Gallerie (Brussels, Belgium)

12/07/12 - Mother Live (Hoxton, London)

14/06/12 - Jazz Blues Fusion Club (Tower Bridge, London)

30/05/12 - Camden Rock (Camden, London)

20/04/12 - Monto Water Rats (Kings Cross, London)

18/04/12 - Roxy Bar and Screen (London Bridge, London> - SCREENING OF MUSIC VIDEO 'FACTORY'

16/03/12 - The Bowery (Tottenham Court Road)

13/11/11 - The Victoria (Dalston, London)

23/10/11 - Jazz Cafe POSK (Hammersmith, London)

22/06/11 - The Comedy Pub (Leicester Square, London)

25/05/11 - The Wilmington Arms (Clerkenwell, London)

07/05/11 - The Bowery (Tottenham Court Rd, London)

13/03/11 - The Others (Stoke Newington, London)

17/02/11 - The Good Ship (Kilburn, London)

09/02/11 - Charlie Wright's (Shoreditch, London)

European Live Tour, October 2012:

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